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Miller, Lynn » School Nursing Office Reminders and Covid-19 Information

School Nursing Office Reminders and Covid-19 Information

School Nursing Office Reminders and Covid-19 Information


Please do not send your sick child to school if they have these symptoms:


                    GROUP A                                              GROUP B

ONE or more symptoms                     TWO or more symptoms


            * Fever (100.4 or higher)                    *Sore throat

            * Cough                                              *Runny nose/congestion

            *Shortness of breath                           *Chills

            *Difficulty breathing                          *New lack of smell or taste

                                                                        *Muscle pain

                                                                        *Nausea or Vomiting




*Please notify the nursing office at 724-763-5299 Option#3 if your child is exposed to someone with Covid-19 or if you are having your child tested for Covid-19.

For additional Covid-19 explanations:

Go to the ASD website: www.asd.k12.pa.us and Search: “Covid-19”.

Choose “COVID-19 When to stay Home.pdf


*All Kindergarten immunizations must reach the school no later than Monday, November 9, 2020. You will be notified by mail if your child needs to have immunizations turned in or updated. If you fail to produce the immunizations by Monday, November 9, 2020 your child will be excluded from school.

Pennsylvania Department of Education mandates that all incoming Kindergartners require a Physical and a Dental exam.

If your child has had a Physical or Dental in the past year and it has not reached the nursing yet, please present a copy to the nursing office prior to the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

You will be notified later in the school year if a Physical and/or Dental has not yet been received.


*All 3rd graders are mandated to turn in a dental exam by the end of the school year.

Any dental exam within the past year will be accepted.

It must be signed by the dentist.


*All 6th graders are mandated to have additional immunizations (TDaP, and Meningococcal), a Physical, and a Scoliosis exam/screening by the end of the school year.

You will be notified later in the school year if updated immunizations, physical, and scoliosis have not yet been received.


*If your child has allergies, please make sure he/she has his/her allergy medication is administered every day.


*NO MEDICATION can be carried into or out of the school.

A parent or any adult must drop of the medication with a Doctor’s order, unopened container of medication, and sign the Parent Permission Form and Medication Administration Form in the nursing office.



Parent Permission has to be filled in and signed on the top half of the form.

The Doctor's order form on the bottom half has to be filled in and signed by a Doctor.

Both the Parent permission and Doctor's Order forms need to be returned to the School Nurse's Office with the medication.

Board Policy 210

Board Policy 210-AG

To locate these 2 policies on the ASD website: Go to www.asd.k12.pa.us, click on School Board, then Board Policy, then Series 200-Pupils, Board Policies 210 and 210-AG


*Wash your child’s mask frequently, ideally- every day.


*Wash out your child’s water bottle daily with soap and warm/hot water and rinse thoroughly.


*Be certain to update your new address if you move during the school year.

Please notify the school if your phone number changes. 724-763-5299.