Science Fair

Students in grades 4-6 have the opportunity each year to participate in the science fair. All students attend a presentation about science projects and the responsibilities expected of them if they decide to participate in the science fair. Students can work on their project independently or choose to work in a groups of two or three. They are then given about a month to submit an idea for approval, work on their project, and bring it to school to be presented. All projects are required to have the appropriate research completed so students can thoroughly explain the results of their project to others. To assist in this process a display board containing a title, question, hypothesis, materials list, procedures, data, results, and a conclusion is to be created. The day before the science fair students bring their boards and materials to school. The next evening the science fair displays are open for the public to view. The next day the projects are on display for the entire school to view. Each grade level is scheduled a time so all students have the opportunity to view the projects. Students who participate receive a ribbon and a pin to recognize their efforts and remind them of their experience at the science fair.