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CDT:Classroom Diagnostic Tools from PDE

Click here to navigate to the CDT site for tutorial videos.  
  • When you get there the left side has a "Play all videos"
  • Choose that option and it will play all of the videos.
  • The Math videos take 14 min. 
  • The Reading videos take 11 min.
  • (Be sure you don't click a link under the PSSA or  Keystone Exams columns)
This link takes you to the tool tutorial intro page.   
At the bottom of the that page there is a link that takes you to the tool tutorials. 
Mr. Mowery will have students complete the tool tutorials during Keyboarding this Tuesday. 
3rd graders will need to go into the lab to try out the tools before they take the test.
Be sure students try out the tutorial for Reading and the tutorial for Math because the tools are different. 
Be sure students are using Google Chrome to take the test.
There is an icon on the desktops in the computer lab for students to take the test.  It will automatically use Chrome.
Good luck!