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Welcome to Lenape Elementary School!

Welcome Students!


I miss your toothless, big smiles!

I miss your goofy giggles that are hard to stop once they get started!

I miss the pitter-patter of your little feet as you race to my classroom!

I miss the little compliments you give each other!

I miss hearing you tell each other, “You’re my best friend!”

I miss all the wonderful and unique ways you say some of your words!

I miss how easily we can get off topic when we see something special outside the window like a robin or snowflakes!

I miss the light in your eyes and how excited you get when you learn something.

I miss seeing exactly what you had for lunch still on your faces!   Then, I miss telling you to go look in the mirror and wash your lunch off your faces!

I miss shaking our sillies out!

I miss giving you snacks because your bellies are always hungry!

I miss the creative sentences you make using your sight words!

I miss hearing your stories when I call on you because I think you are going to tell me the correct answer.

I miss how you tilt your heads when you are concentrating as you practice writing your letters.

I miss reading stories to you and talking about all the things happening in the books!

I miss your racing feet as you line up trying to make it to the door, first, so you can be the leader!

I miss reminding you what you need to pack in your bag to take home!

I miss doing our Heggerty’s, LiPs, Fundations, and Connecting Math!

I miss our morning exercises and wall walks with “Wolfie!”

I miss hearing your counting voices with “Polka!”

I miss Camdyn, Chloe, Rowen, Ava, Jacob, Colton, Markus, Anthony, Bailey, and Blake!

I miss your little voices saying, “I love you!” - I miss saying, “I love you” back!