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Welcome to Mr. McLafferty's World

"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children."
Sitting Bull


Title 1 K-2 Book Club 11/19/20

Book Club is virtual this year. A word building video lesson for Title 1 students and parents to use as a guide at home. The packet sent home in your child's folder provides you with the word building sequence. Any questions, please contact me.

Back to School Night 10/8/20 5:15

Welcome Title 1 Parents!
I look forward to seeing everyone at our Back to School Night Title 1 Meeting on October 8th!  Hopefully everyone had the chance to look over the Title 1 paperwork for this year, so we can answer any questions you may have.  Our meeting begins at 5:15 PM, so the link will be available here 10 minutes before our scheduled meeting time.  Please just click on the link below to join the meeting.
Title 1 Parent Meeting Link for Back to School Night:
Click here to sign in for Title 1 documentation for attending the Google meet.  Thank you.

Title 1 Paperwork and Information for 20/21

This video explains the paperwork that you received in your child's Title 1 folder.

A Very Happy Summer

It is my hope that you all have a great summer! These past couple months were out of the ordinary for sure. I am so glad that you did your very best. Grown-ups and kids are probably burned out so it is a great time to relax and enjoy the summer. That said I have posted some activities on the right hand side of the page to keep those skills sharp. One tab is some Summer activities that you can use. I also posted a lot of great free reading sites in the Links tab. One size does not fit all so when you get some time you can explore. Lexia Core 5 is available all summer and Epic reading can be used until 6/30/20. Instructions are available when you click the links. All the video lessons and practice pages will remain on my page for review. Most of all take some time to recharge the batteries and relax. We will review a lot at the beginning of the school year and keep you posted on Title 1 for next year. You did a great job under very difficult circumstances. We will do our best to get back on track next school year. I will be checking my email throughout the summer so if you have any questions or just want to say hello, feel free to reach out. Stay safe, have fun, and be kind. Take care and Peace, Sean McLafferty

Kindergarten 5/15/20

Hello all my kindergarten friends! Happy Friday.  Today is a great day to reread Yell,Yell, Yell and The Shed. It is good practice for tapping out words and high frequency words.  Draw a picture of one of the stories when you are all done.  Send me a pic of your drawing because I would love to see it.
This is it for the school year.  I am very proud of how hard you have worked the past several weeks.  I know it was a hard adjustment but I want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts and time.  Check back on Monday and I will have some additional resources posted for summer if you so choose.  Have a great summer together!!  

First Grade 5/15/20

Hi First Grade Friends! I hope you are doing well.  Happy Friday! Let's just read Planting a Garden and High Flying Kites today.  Pick one to write and draw a picture about it.
1. If you pick Planting a Garden: What happened to Roy in the story and how do they help him?
2. If you pick High Flying Kites: What kind of kite does Dwight have and what is his big trick?
If you want to send me a pic of your picture and sentences, I would love to see them.
This is it for the school year.  I appreciate how hard everyone worked these past couple of weeks. I know it was not an easy adjustment but I would like you to know that I recognize what a great job you have all done.  Check back on Monday and I will have some resources you can use for the summer if you so choose.  Enjoy your summer together!!

Kindergarten Decodable Passage: The Shed 5/14/20

We can read The Shed together. We will read some high frequency words first. Then we can read the story and tap out words with each other. Then you can practice reading The Shed with someone at home. Take your time and do an awesome job. The passage is in the Kindergarten tab.

First Grade Decodable Passage: High Flying Kites 5/14/20

Let's read High Flying Kites together. We will focus on "igh' words that are in bold. Then practice reading the passage with someone at home in the First Grade assignment tab. Keep being awesome.

Kindergarten Word Work 5/13/20

Lets review the ABC chart and reading words together. We can tap CVC, digraphs, and bonus letter words together. We will read some sentences and then you can practice reading some on your own with somebody at home. Keep up the super work!

First Grade Word Work "igh" 5/13/20

One last vowel team that I would like to practice with you. Read words with "igh" with Mr. McLafferty. Then read some practice sentence on your own with somebody at home. Be cool!

Kindergarten Decodable Passage:Yell,Yell,Yell 5/12/20

Read along with Mr. McLafferty. We will tap out words and read high frequency words together. Then I would like you to practice reading the story by yourself with someone home. Don't be afraid to make some mistakes. Try your best. I know you will do a super job reading.

First Grade Decodable Passage: Planting a Garden 5/12/20

Read along with Mr. McLafferty as we read Planting a Garden. We will practice reading the words oi/oy in bold. Then I would like you to read the story all by yourself to someone at home. Don't be afraid to make mistakes but use your skills to help you read the words. I know you can do it!

Kindergarten Word Work 5/11/20

Read with Mr. McLafferty as we read bonus letter words and sentences. Then you practice reading them on the practice sheet in the kindergarten tab. I know that you can do a fantastic job!